Bus + boats

Enjoy price advantages by combining the visit of Annecy in a convertible bus (Classic Tour Annecy – 1 hour) and the commented cruise on Lake Annecy with the Compagnie des Bateaux.

Reduced price

1 boarding pass Classic Tour Annecy bought = Discount price for a cruise on Lake Annecy

Cruise 1 hour = 16,20€ instead of 18€ / Cruise 1h30 = 18,90€ instead of 21€

1 boarding pass cruise on Lake Annecy bought = Discount price for Classic Tour Annecy

Classic tour Annecy = 13€ instead of 15€

Discount price on presentation of your Boarding Pass with one of the service providers

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Compagnie des Bateaux du Lac D’Annecy

Informations : 04 50 51 08 40

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